What’s Worse Than Being a Convict? Being Evicted.

The hell of being evicted.

In 2016 HUD decided that it’s discrimination not to rent to someone with a criminal record. If you’re a felon, the landlord has to rent to you. But if you have an eviction on your record, the city, state, AND the federal government allow you to be discriminated against for years! No apartment for years! … Read more

Dear Readers

Recently, you may have noticed the odd piece of grammar, and my reluctance to use proper names, with the substitution of nonsensical ones. Sorry about that! Only the names have been changed. This will continue for a period of time and then we’ll be back to normal. Meanwhile, you can trust that every photo and … Read more

This Time Our Beverly Hills Landlady Fought Back!

We weren’t targeting a business. a restaurant, or even Vicky Mense. We were just asserting our civil right to peacefully protest, which includes urging actions. It doesn’t matter to us who owns that restaurant: what matters are the grievances the tenants continue to have at 2965 Waverly Drive.. Which is owned by Steven Taylor and Vicky Mense.

Yes on 10, But Wishy-Washy in Los Angeles

Obviously, Yes on 10 will pass in Los Angeles. With 64% renters, according to LA Curbed (it was just 54% in 2017, they wrote!) it’s a shoo-in. And we’re no dummies: rent fees are ENORMOUS in Los Angeles – most of your income for many folks. And it appears that lawmakers agree: the Los Angeles … Read more

I Hope You Don’t Live in One of These 44 Apartment Buildings

We recently discovered that We Are Not Alone. In fact, Taylor Equities (nee Ness Properties) owns at least 44 multi-family buildings (apartments) and even a couple of business locations. (Taylor has recently hired a new management company: Los Angeles Property Management Group. Is this an admission that he is a lousy landlord, or is he … Read more

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